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Where to Start

There’s a charm bracelet for every budget, large or small.  With so much variety it can be hard to find a place to start.  But here are a few charm collecting tips for the new collector:

  • Choose between gold and silver in the early stages of your collecting.  This will give your collection a consistent look and feel.

  • Start by buying a bracelet that already has a few charms so you can start wearing your collection.

  • Select a collecting category, i.e. sports, moveable charms, family moments, animals, flowers etc., to express your personality.

  • Let the gift givers in  your life know the types of charms you’re collecting.

  • Keep a little history about each charm with the date, giver, and occasion.  It’s a great way to remember stories and special moments.



Places to Go

Charms are everywhere.  Here are some of the places you’re most likely to find a wide selection of charms and bracelets:

  • Catalogs

  • Home shopping channels

  • Major jewelry chains

  • Antique / estate jewelers

  • Department stores

  • Wal-Mart / Sam's Club

  • Gift Stores

  • Fashion Boutiques (e.g. Chanel)

Here are some unusual places you can poke around in:
  • Hotel gift shops

  • Street fairs

  • Art shows

  • Sports arenas

  • Consignment shops

  • Museum shops

  • Airports

  • Flea markets



Charm prices will be all over the map, depending on the type and quality of metal you’re hunting for and the popularity of the category.  Many people are intrigued by the “mechanical” charms which have intricate moving parts and pieces.  Most of the gold mechanicals are considered vintage and were crafted between 1930 and 1970.  They can be a bit pricey at up to $400 each or more, but they are truly miniature pieces of art.  Today’s silversmiths are also bringing back the mechanical and making it affordable to a larger pool of collectors.  Prices range from $5 to $30 each.


Starter Bracelets

Starting a charm bracelet for someone special makes a great gift.  You can start a bracelet with one or two charms and keep adding at every special event, or “just because”.  Here are some ideas.


Bride's Maids:  Start a bracelet for each attendant with a charm that best represents her – a travel charm for Jane, a gardening charm for Kelly, etc.

Tweens and Teens:  Dads can start a life long tradition with their daughters by starting a bracelet for her on her first teen birthday.  Perhaps a favorite hobby or interest – horse, ice skates, shopping bag.

Wives and Girlfriends:  Score major points by giving her a little diamond charm hanging from a gold bracelet.

Moms and Grandmoms:  Charms are a great way to remember important family events, travel and hobbies of that special woman.

Brides to Be:  Charms make a great gift from her finance or future mother in law.  Start with a church, wedding ring or engraved charm.

Top Performers:  A starter bracelet with a charm that represents all her contributions and hard work is a great gift. Especially an engraved charm with a special thank you.

Best Friends:  Start a sterling silver bracelet for each of you with a special charm only the two of you can appreciate – a clown for that trip to the circus when you ate five cotton candies between  you.

Preschoolers:  Mom can create charms by cutting out letters from cereal boxes and then threading them through string or yarn.  A great rainy day treat.

New Moms:  Starting a bracelet for the birth of a child is a cherished way to commemorate that special day.

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