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A recent trend (starting about 2005) is for the big designers to add dangling charms to their handbags or other items, including clothing as well as accessories. Sometimes these are sold only with the high-end items, such as Louis Vuitton's larger bags. Other designers have made "logo" charms to promote their brand.  All the major designers seem to have jumped on the charm bandwagon: Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL/Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Juicy Couture, and so on.

All the charms and bracelets shown below are pictures of pieces I came across while browsing through the web, catalogs, newspapers and magazines.  I've made no attempt to select for price, so you may see anything from nickel-plated "fashion jewelry" through high-end "fine jewelry" items costing $1,000's.  I’ve tried to provide the source of the photo, vendor names and websites where I can so visitors can track down items in which they’re interested.  However, I've found that many unique and unusual items are offered for a limited time and may no longer be for sale.

I am in no way representing or endorsing any of these items or vendors, nor am I receiving any fees for these pictures to appear.  These bracelets are ones that caught my eye, and I thought other collectors might like to see them as well.

Diamond/platinum charm bracelet $15,000
Tiffany & Co.

Louis Vuitton charm bracelet


Gucci Boot and Logo charms


Louis Vuitton trunk charm

Louis Vuitton

Prada cellphone charms


Juicy Couture charm


Elsa Peretti® charm bracelet

Tiffany & Co.

YvesSaintLaurent logo charm



Dolce & Gabbana key charm bracelet

Neiman Marcus


Fabergé Imperial Egg charm bracelet

Dallas Museum of Art


I have a few select 14K
vintage charms for sale