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A Childhood of Charms

When I was a little girl I always loved playing with the gold charms on my mother’s bracelets, especially the ones that moved.  Many of these moving charms, called mechanicals, had intricate parts and tiny pieces hinged lids, spinning globes, bobbing clowns.  There was even a tiny pair of sunglasses with its own tiny case.  After inheriting two of these family bracelets I got the collecting bug.

Whether you’re a serious collector, looking to buy charms to start a family bracelet, or just an admirer of this wonderful jewelry art, we hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

About the Book - Charms Bracelets Tell the Story

My Mother’s Charms celebrates the wonderful legacy and extraordinary beauty of charm bracelets like no other book you’ve seen.  The book chronicles moments of wisdom, love, humor and heartbreak from the lives of four women using the vintage gold charms from their bracelets to tell the stories.  The vintage charms featured in the book are photographed in stunning detail and represent a love of charm collecting that spans three generations of one family.  

All of the charms in My Mother’s Charms were crafted during the “golden age” of charm jewelry, 1930 to 1960.  Skilled goldsmiths fashioned these dime-sized works of art, many with moving parts, with the help of a magnifying glass and specially made tools.  Because of the cost and crafting skills involved, gold charms with these types of intricate moving parts are no longer produced commercially.  They are now sought after by collectors and cherished by families wise enough to hold onto them. 

My Mother’s Charms makes a unique and beautiful gift for any occasion.  It’s a must-have for any jewelry lover.